Referral Trees

The Referral Tree pages are intended to provide information on health and human services available through non-profits and governmental bodies in Calhoun County.  Each page has a separate subject and is broken down into categories of need.  Pages will show the most recent date edited.

Please click on each page for your printable version (pdf) of the Referral Tree:

Adult Literacy- Rev. May 2017

Children’s Literacy_rev_10/2017

Dental Care- Rev. May 2017

Disability Services-Rev. June_2017

Disaster Response- Rev. May 2017

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault- Rev. May 2017

Early Childhood- Rev. May 2017

Emergency Assistance

Financial Services-Rev. June_2017

Foster Care

Healthcare for the Uninsured

Housing Assistance- Rev. May 2017

Medical Transportation

Mental Health


Public Benefits

Senior Health Services

Senior Housing

Substance Use Disorder Services – go to 

Teen Pregnancy


Veterans Benefits

Women’s Health

Youth Services Counseling

Youth Services Extracurricular

Youth Services Attitude/Substance Abuse

Youth Services Legal/School