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FY 2019 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program Competition (MSHDA):
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Review and Ranking Criteria:
Performance Assessment Monitoring Tool (posted 8/19/2019)
CoC Ranking Tool (posted 8/19/2019)
Grant Committee Meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays at 10am at Summit Pointe

 Does your agency qualify for CoC Funding? 


HUD CoC FY2018 Competition 
MI-514 – Battle Creek/Calhoun County CoC

Project Listing and Ranking 

On July 19, 2018, the Housing Solutions Board voted to move the following projects forward (funding decision document posted below). The projects were ranked on 8/10/2018. Neighborhoods Inc was voted in to apply for the DV Bonus funding in partnership with SAFE Place.

Summit Pointe
RANK 1: SP-PSH Permanent Supportive Housing MI0588L5F141700 (Renewal) $67,127 (AWARDED $62,207)
RANK-2: SP-PSH2 Permanent Supportive Housing (New) $68,654 (funds reallocated from the Haven Women/Families in New Life program) (AWARDED $65,102)
RANK 3: HMIS Project; MI0541L5F141701 (Renewal) $40,000 (AWARDED $40,000)
RANK 5: HHAP; MI0245L5F141710 (Renewal) $33,020 (AWARDED $33,020)
CoC Planning (Renewal) $15,757 (AWARDED $15,750)

The Haven of Rest Ministries
Women/Families in New Life Program; MI0247L5F141709 (funds reallocated to PSH)
RANK 4: Life Recovery Program; MI0246L5F141710 (Renewal) $88,330 (AWARDED $88,330)

Neighborhoods Inc.
RANK 6: DV Bonus – PH/RRH $52,525 (NO AWARD)

Total AWARDS: $304,409


__________Previous HUD Funded Applications____________

HUD CoC  FY2017 Project Listing and Ranking
MI-514 – Battle Creek/Calhoun County CoC

A sub-committee of the Housing Solutions Board made up of 3 members met with each applicant organization and used the Ranking Tool and Matrix to determine the priority listing for the CoC Projects.The Housing Solutions Board met on Friday, September 8, to listen to final presentations by each organization, deliberate and rank Projects submitted for the 2017 CoC Application.

We are pleased to inform you that on September 8, 2017, the Housing Solutions Board voted to include the following Projects in the Calhoun County Consolidated Application for HUD funding FY2017.

Summit Pointe
RANK 1: SP-PSH (Permanent Supportive Housing) (New) $60,899 (AWARDED $67,127)
RANK 2: HMIS Project; MI0541L5F141600 (Renewal) $40,000 (AWARDED $40,000)
RANK 5: HHAP; MI0245L5F141609 (Renewal) $33,020 (AWARDED $33,020)
RANK 7: CoC Planning (Renewal) $14,453 (AWARDED $14,453)
Total Grant Award:         $148,372 (AWARDED $154,600)
The Haven of Rest Ministries
RANK 3: Women/Families in New Life Program; MI0247L5F141608 (Renewal) $68,654 (AWARDED $68,654)
RANK 4: Life Recovery Program; MI0246L5F141609 (Renewal) $88,330 (AWARDED $88,330)
RANK 6: Bonus Project: PSH (New Project) $29,667 (NO AWARD)
Total Grant Award:         $186,651 (AWARDED $156,984)

HUD FY2017 APPLICATION Calhoun County Continuum of Care Program: 
Posted 9/26/2017

HUD FY2016 APPLICATION Calhoun County Continuum of Care Program
Posted:  9/2016
MI-514 Battle Creek/Calhoun County CoC (full application click here)