Community Data is the data platform used by Calhoun County to examine a variety of indicators designed to help describe community conditions relative to adults, seniors, children and families. 

The website, launched in May, is a county-wide initiative that informs public and private efforts to improve health for all of the county’s communities. The site replaces the printed TCC Report Card and creates a more user friendly entrée into the world of data, making it easier to understand and easily applicable to community work.  The initiative is led by The Coordinating Council (TCC), and partners, Summit Pointe, Oaklawn, Bronson Healthcare Group, CareWell Services SW, Regional Health Alliance, and the Calhoun County Public Health Department.

The website has 165 indicators related to the health of Calhoun County. These indicators are organized by topics such as child health, exercise, nutrition, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Other indicators are related to critical needs such as housing, transportation and income. In addition, there is a database of approximately 250 demographic items. The data is updated whenever source data is updated, providing the most up-to-date information of its kind. The majority of indicators can be broken down to see how Calhoun County has trended over time and how the data changes across sex, race, ethnicity, age and geographic location. Importantly, data is displayed alongside state and national numbers for comparison and shows whether or not the Healthy People 2020 target has been achieved.

In addition to data, organizations are supported on the site with reporting tools, best practices, community resources, events calendar as well as funding opportunities. The hope is that centralizing data and resources will give Calhoun County a shared source of truth from which to create action, resulting in a healthier community for everyone.