Community Data


Health and Human service professionals in Calhoun County are committed to having a positive impact in the lives of the citizens they serve.  To assess the level of impact programs and services have, professionals in Calhoun County examine a variety of indicators.  These indicators can be quantitative or qualitative and are a simple yet reliable variable used to monitor performance, measure achievement, and/or reflect change.

The Calhoun County Community Data pages examine a variety of indicators designed to help describe community conditions relative to adults, seniors, children and families.  As new businesses look at our community and compare Calhoun County to other areas, many of the indicators listed in the Community Data pages are considered.  It becomes critical to also use these indicators to educate and inform local and state planning efforts and public policy decisions.

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County Health Rankings_rev_8/2017

Poverty Guidelines_rev_2/2018

Social Determinants of Health_rev_8/2017

Early Childhood Learning

MSTEP Common Core 3_8 Assessment_rev_8/2017

Eleventh Grade Performance_rev_8/2017

Absenteeism_Compulsory Attendance_rev_8/2017

Educational Attainment_rev_12/2017

High School Graduation_rev_8/2017

Employment Growth_rev_8/2017





Substance Abuse_rev_9/2017

Child Abuse & Neglect

Children in Foster Care

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault_rev_10/2017


Juvenile Crime_rev_9/2017

Teen Pregnancy_rev_11/2017

Sexually Transmitted Infections_rev_12/2017

Top Ten Leading Causes of Death_rev_9/2017

Years of Potential Life Lost_rev_9/2017

Heart Disease

Overweight and Obesity_rev_9/2017




Infant Mortality_rev_10/2017

Child Health

Health Disparities_rev_10/2017

Mental Health

Profile of the Uninsured_rev_9/2017

Access to Health Care and Dental Care

Adequate Prenatal Care_rev_10/2017

Independence for Older Adults

Emergency Needs Utilization_rev_10/2017

Food Insecurity_rev_10/2017

Combined Data Pages:     Calhoun_County_Community_Report_Card_2016-2017